Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wild Animals

What encounters have you had with wild animals?

Wild animals are all around us.  Even when you live in a town or city you may encounter a wild animal.  It may be a snake, a frog, a mouse, or a lizard; or it may be a bear, a mountain lion, or an elk.  If you go camping or hiking in the mountains you may encounter wild animals.  Recording your experiences with wild animals will add a lot to your story.

In the past couple of weeks here where I live there have been three or four encounters with bears in the communities in this area.  Apples from an apple tree encouraged one bear to come into a yard and even up on the porch of the home.  Open garbage carts enticed other bears.  

When we moved to this community because of my husband's work, he warned me of some of the wildlife we would deal with.  Our cat became an indoor only cat when I saw a coyote in our backyard just a few feet from the sliding glass door.  I found a large scorpion in a closet which totally scared me.  My daughters screamed as they came in the house after school one day.  I went to see what was wrong and saw the end of a large black, red and yellow snake slithering into the side yard.  By the time my husband got home the snake was gone.  While going for a walk, my husband and I saw a large blue heron.  I didn't realize herons were almost as tall as people.

I could keep writing about wild animals and I could add more to each experience.  You probably have many stories of encounters with wild animals that you could share in your life story.  Write down your experiences and share them with others.
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Good Books

Have you read any books that you would highly recommend that others read?

We are influenced by the things we read.  Both fiction and nonfiction can change our lives.  Are there any books that you have read that have made a big difference in your life?  

Most English classes have certain required reading.  We learn from what we read.  Our values and ideas are affected by what we read.  Not many years ago the Bible was required reading in the schools in America.  Today it would be considered mixing religion with government for the Bible to be taught in the schools.  Have you learned something important from what you have read.  Writing down what you have learned from what you have read may be an influence on those who read your life story.  Perhaps they will want to read what you have read, so they can learn what you have learned.  Since reading affects so much of our lives, then sharing what you have read is an important part of your life story.