Monday, January 12, 2015

Sharing family stories can enrich your life and others lives.  A couple of days ago I was visiting with a friend.  She grew up in France, and she was very upset by the terrorist attack in Paris.  She wished that there could be peace--that people wouldn't hurt each other.  As we talked she shared with me her father's story.  He was a cop in France.  When Germany conquered France during World War II, the police in France were given orders from the Germans.  They were told to round up all the Jews and send the father of a family to one place, the mother of the family to another place, and the children to another place.  Her father refused to follow the orders that would hurt so many people, so he went into hiding.  He helped many Jews to escape.  Then he was captured.  He was tortured but he refused to reveal any information.  Finally he was killed just a few months before the end of the war.  He was only 31 years old and he left a young family behind.  It was a sad time for his family, but what a legacy he left behind.  Although the family moved from the community, what her father had done was never forgotten.  When the family returned for a visit they were treated with great honor.

Although I have been friends with this woman for several years, she had never told me this story.  The terrorist attack in France caused her to think about what had happened to her family.  When something happens that reminds you of events from your past, take time to write them down.  We don't know when an event will trigger a memory, but that is a great time to record your story.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Have you had answers to your prayers?

Have you ever prayed for something and had that prayer answered in a strong way?  The western states have been suffering through a drought.  Last winter there wasn't enough snow.  Then there hasn't been enough rain during the summer to make up for last winter.  Thunder storms have triggered forest fires and then to top it off someone set a fire on purpose.  People's homes and businesses have burned down and many more were threatened.  We had been praying for more rain because of the lack of moisture.  Then with this fire threatening homes and sending smoke miles away, it seemed even more important to pray for rain.  When I woke up this morning, it was raining.  It has rained pretty much all day.  This is not normal rain for this area.  It might rain for a couple of hours and then clear up, but today it has rained all day.  The forecast is still for rain all day tomorrow too.  The news reports that the biggest fire is now 78% contained thanks to all the rain.  Answers to prayers can come quickly, like this time.  Sometimes you don't recognize an answer to a prayer until much later.  Sometimes the answer is no.  When you write your story include the times you prayed and the answers to the prayers that you received.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Have Become the Most Un-Interesting Man in the Family

I Have Become the Most Un-Interesting Man in the Family

If you've become interested in your family history, maybe you'll find this post humorous like I have.  Family history can be so interesting yet those who haven't really looked at it don't quite understand.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lost a Beloved Pet?

Have you ever lost a beloved pet?

Pets can be a big part of our life.  Your life can revolve around a pet.  Your pets get hungry and thirsty.  You need to feed them and give them water.  They may need to go outside and you need to open the door for them to go out.  Your dog may need a walk or exercise like playing fetch.  Your pets may need your attention--to pet them, talk to them, groom them and spend time with them.  If you have had a pet in your life, you spend a significant part of your life caring for them.  When they die, it leaves a big hole in your life.  For a while you feel empty like part of your life is missing.  Writing about your pet and preserving your pet's memory is one way to help heal the grief you feel when you lose a pet.

Almost two weeks ago my dog died.  He was a beautiful red Queensland Heeler.  He was thirteen and a half years old.  I knew he was getting old, but since I 've known people with 17 and 18 year old dogs, I hoped I would have him for a few more years.  He had gotten really good on his walks.  He wouldn't try to chase cats or confront other dogs.  He loved to see people and have them want to stop and pet him.  He looked forward to his walks and would look so sad if I didn't have time to take him on a walk.  He got me out of the house in good weather and bad weather.  He stopped me from sitting too long since I had to get up to let him out of the house or to get him something to eat.  I do miss him.  He was a great companion to my youngest daughter.  If I couldn't be home with her, she didn't feel so alone because he was there.  If someone came to visit, he always had to announce they were there by barking.  When we let them in, he wanted their attention. Rover is truly missed.  He was a great dog.

Make sure you keep the memories of your family's pets,  They truly are an important part of your family's story.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

What Role Has Sports Played in Your Life?

Today was the Super Bowl.  Many people look forward to this football game.  Does your family look forward to certain sporting events?  Do members of your family play sports?  What kind of sports has your family participated in?  Or are sports not a big deal for your family?

 For me it is just another game that is not any more important than any other game.  Sports hasn't been a significant part of my life.  It always bothered me that one team would win and the other lose.  To me a good game is one where everyone involved got some exercise and had fun playing.  The importance of being the best team and winning seems contrived.  If one team wins by one point more, they are celebrated as being so much better than the other team.  I didn't like the competitiveness in school.  There was the talk of how much better our school was than the other school especially if our team won the game.  Yet both schools provided an education for those who attended.  So sports aren't a big deal in my life.

When I was young, there were races for the town celebration of the Fourth of July and our state's birthday.  Every one turned a certain age in a certain year was asked to line up and race to see who the fastest runner was.  If they had given a prize for the slowest runner, I would have always won it.  As a teen our church had softball games during the summer for the girls.  My parents bought me a mitt and a softball and encouraged me to play.  I would throw the ball against the sides of the grainery or up in the air to practice, but I spent most of the games standing out in right field or center field hardly ever even getting to touch the ball.  When teams were chosen for dodge ball or other games, I was usually the last person chosen.  I wasn't handicapped or crippled, but I wasn't really good at sports.  I could carry baskets full of eggs and buckets of grain.  I could lift and carry and do work on the farm, but competition wasn't that much a part of me.  I hated to see other people feel inferior because they were the last chosen for a team.  I hate to think of winners and losers.  I like things that are a win-win for everyone involved.  

My family didn't spend a lot of time watching sporting events.  I do remember going to watch a few rodeos.  I also remember a baseball game when the ball hit the windshield on our car and broke it.  I remember my mother watching a woman's roller derby on television on a Saturday afternoon while she tried to finish getting eggs ready to be delivered.  There wasn't a lot on television on Saturday afternoons when I was young, but watching sports was not something we did very often. I guess we were too busy working and living life.

Record your experience with sports.  Did you play certain games?  Did you watch certain sports?  Or were sports unimportant in your life?  Did you have good experiences with sports?  Or do you have bad memories from sporting events?  Add to your life story by recording your feelings about sports.  


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fun Foods

What kinds of fun foods have you made?

Do you remember making fun foods? Did you make cookies for holidays? I accumulated a lot of cookie cutters so I could make sugar cookie dough and cut out holiday shapes for the different holidays of the year. My mother would make fudge and divinity from scratch. It took a lot of stirring and testing to make sure it was cooked to just the right stage. A couple of years ago one of my daughters wanted to make chocolates. Again there was a lot of stirring to get it cooked just right. Then we added lots of different toppings. Customizing the chocolates with what we wanted was a lot of fun. Recording how you made fun foods can be an important part of your life story.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

What roles did your parents have?

Did your mother work at a job outside of the home or did she stay at home and care for you and take care of the household tasks?  Did your father work outside of the home?  Did he help with the household tasks?  Were your parents helpful to each other or were they strictly devoted to doing their own tasks?  What roles your parents took on affects the roles you take on in your home.
In my home when I was growing up both of my parents worked from home.  They had a chicken farm.  Each one had certain roles, but they helped each other when needed.  My mother did most of the cooking and cleaning of the house.  She did the laundry and she sewed clothes for us. She did the bookkeeping for the family business and she paid the bills.  She cleaned, candled, graded and cased the eggs for sale.  My dad took care of the chickens--feeding them, gathering the eggs, growing the grain to feed them with.  He also cared for a couple cows, milking and feeding them and growing hay and other feed for them.  My dad built our home with help from my mother.  He build the coops, corrals and other farm buildings.  He kept the cars, tractors and machinery running.  They would help each other.  My dad helped finish getting the eggs ready to deliver.  Both of my parents did the delivery of the eggs--of course with us kids helping.  My mother would gather eggs and feed chickens if my dad needed help.
A lot of your ideas about your role in life comes from your parents.  Record in your life story the roles of your parents and record how it has affected you.