Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dawn Patrol Timelapse Reno Nevada Sept 8 2007

Time Lapse Nevada Great Balloon Race, 2007. Watch in HD

Great Reno Balloon Race

Dawn Patrol Reno Balloon Races

On Point - Great Reno Balloon Race Dawn Patrol

Fun Family Times

My daughter recently made a Squidoo lens about the Great Reno Balloon Race. As I read her lens I remembered my first experience with the Hot Air Balloon Race. I was recovering from an accident in a hospital twenty miles from Reno. The first day of the Balloon Race I saw the balloons starting to rise up into the air across the valley. The hospital was located on the side of the mountains and had a nice view of the valley towards the west. I turned on the TV and was able to watch the balloons up close. It was a fun experience to see the balloons at a distance and then watch the TV to see them up close.
A couple of years later I went with my daughters to see the Balloon Race in person. We got up before sunrise to see the Dawn Patrol. It was awesome to see the balloons lighting up in the pre-dawn sky. We found a spot where we could sit between balloons and watch them being filled with hot air and then rising up into the sky. It was amazing to be that close to the balloons. We spent a few hours that morning watching the balloons. It was a most enjoyable family outing. I'm glad my daughters talked me into it. It is something to remember for the rest of my life.
I have pictures of the Balloon Race, but until now I haven't written down how I felt about the experience. It is a good thing to record the experiences we have with our families and how we felt about them. Reading my daughter's Squidoo lens reminded me that I need to record more about the experiences we've had as a family.
You can see my daughter's lens at .