Saturday, May 23, 2015

Here it is the end of a school year and graduation time.  What memories do you have of graduations?  Did you graduate from high school?  Did you receive any honors such as scholarships, being the Valedictorian or the Salutatorian?  Did you speak, pray or sing at the graduation?  Were there any special parties or dances held?  What did you wear for your graduation?  Who attended your graduation?  If you didn't graduate from high school, why didn't you?  There can be both positive and negative memories of graduation. 

I don't remember a lot about my graduation.  Our whole class sang the song "The Impossible Dream". I received a full tuition scholarship to a community college fifteen miles from my home.  My father and my brother attended my graduation.  My mother had passed away about a year earlier, so she was not there.  I didn't attend any parties in connection with the graduation.

When I finished Kindergarten which was about a two month program during the summer before I went to first grade, we had a little graduation ceremony with diplomas and hats.  I love my diploma and would take it out every so often to look at it.  I think it had nursery rhyme characters around the border of it.  When my brother finished Kindergarten three years later, he didn't get a diploma.  He was jealous of my diploma and he took it outside and buried it.  I only learned about this after we were both adults when he confessed what he had done. 

Write about any graduation experiences you have had.  Perhaps you had a Kindergarten or Nursery School graduation.  Maybe there was a graduation or promotion ceremony when you finished middle, elementary or junior high school.  If you graduated from high school write about your experiences then.  If you graduated from college or a trade school, record what that graduation was like.  Write about any awards or gifts that you received.  Graduations are special occasions and should be recorded in your life story.