Saturday, August 24, 2013

Smokey Skies

News headlines can be interesting to read, but sometimes they are about things that really affect you.  Part of your life story may be affected by what is in the news.  Right now there is a major fire in Yosemite National Park.  There are national headlines about this fire because it is one of the biggest fires ever and because it is burning in a national park.  When the wind is blowing in the direction of our town, we get a lot of smoke.  Yesterday the air was filled with smoke.  We couldn't see the mountains.  There was a fine layer of ash on doorknobs and cars and anything outdoors.  This afternoon there was hope for the smoke clearing out as we could see blue sky and a few clouds, and we could start to see the outline of the mountains again.  Unfortunately about an hour before sunset the smoke started to move in again.  The sun was red.  We couldn't see the mountains again.  I tried taking my dog for a walk.  I gave up after only walking about ten minutes because the smoke irritated my eyes and my throat.
An important part of your life story may be how current events and news headlines have affected you.  Record those events and what they have done to you and those around you.
I took this photo a little while before the sun set tonight.  The sun looked red.  The sky was gray and you could not see the mountains behind the trees.  I hope tomorrow the smoke will clear out again.  I hope and pray the fire in Yosemite will soon start to be controlled.  Sometimes I don't like being affected by the news headlines.  Sometimes news headlines can be very exciting and sometimes they can be very frightening.