Monday, December 17, 2012

Entrepreneurs in Your Family

Are you an entrepreneur?  Were your parents or grandparents entrepreneurs?

 My family has had a lot of entrepreneurs in it.  My parents ultimately decided to build a family business instead of working for someone else.  There is risk in being an entrepreneur.  Some fail. Others succeed.  Most entrepreneurs have tried and failed, but they keep trying until they succeed.  Recording the story of entrepreneurs in your family is an important part of your history.  What were the failures?  What were the successes?  Perhaps what you record will be of help to someone in your family in the future.
I'm including a link to two videos I just watched. This 2nd video talks about the importance of teaching how to be an entrepreneur to your children.  Some of your children and maybe even yourself have tried to fit into the employee mindset when you really have an entrepreneur mindset. Finding real success may take a change in the way you think.  The 1st video talks about how many people who originally came to America came with very little in the way of money or possessions yet they went on to be successful in their lives.  Think back on your family and record the stories of those who were entrepreneurs.  It is an important part of your family history.


Friday, December 14, 2012

MyMemories Blog: Wanna win an iPad 2???

MyMemories Blog: Wanna win an iPad 2???: So make sure you check out the MyMemories Facebook Page and LIKE us - we really want more new friends!! And - we want to thank you wit...

I enjoy using MyMemories software and since there is a chance to win an iPad 2 I thought I would share the link above.  Also every Friday there are free downloads if you like MyMemories Facebook page.

Here is a page I made with a kit by the designer,  Fly Pixel Studio, called Jingle Bells Extra.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snow Memories

What memories do you have of snow?

It snowed last night.  It was so pretty this morning I had to go out and take pictures.  Here are some of them:

This is actually quite a bit of snow for our town.  The roads were just wet by the time I went outside to take these pictures.  The snow may be pretty much gone by the end of the day, but for right now it is so pretty.
I grew up in an area where we got quite a bit of snow.  At school we would play Fox and Geese which was a form of tag played with paths made in the snow.  Living on a farm we didn't have sidewalks, but when it snowed we had to shovel a path to the chicken coops and corrals and out to the road so we could catch the bus and get the mail from the mail box.  There were plenty of areas on our farm where you could lay down in the snow and move your arms and legs up and down and make a snow angel. Snow could mean fun, but it wasn't fun the day I got caught in a snowdrift while driving and ended up off the road.  When I was living in a dorm while at college, the first snowstorm brought a lot of excitement.  Christmas music was playing on the radio and we baked cookies.  My children loved the snow.  They liked to play in it and to make snowmen.  I didn't mind shoveling the snow off the sidewalk most of the time unless there was a layer of ice under the snow, but too much snow was difficult to deal with.  The winter after Mt. Saint Helens had erupted brought lots of snow.  The city plowed the streets, but since my car was parked on the street it got buried.  I had to dig out my car before I could go anywhere.  

What do you remember about snow from your childhood?  Did you get very much snow?  Some places get no snow at all.  If you didn't get snow, did you wish you would get snow?  Did you get so much snow that you would be snowed in and school would be cancelled?  Did you have to drive in snow?  Did you have any accidents in the snow?  Do you remember playing in the snow?  How does snow make you feel?  Do you get excited to see a snow storm or do you dread it.  Recording your feelings about snow and stories about your experiences with it can add a lot to your story.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Have you made special Christmas gifts?

Some years there isn't a lot of money to purchase gifts.  My grandmother sewed gifts and the one I remember best was a full length apron.  My mother made doll clothes for my fashion doll one year.  Another year she and my sister sewed frog pillows that pajamas could be kept under.  Over the years I tried to make gifts.  Some of them turned pretty good, but some of them weren't well made.  You can share your experiences with making gifts in your story.  You can also write about handmade gifts that were given to you.  Many handmade gifts have special meaning.

This year I am hoping to get some photo videos or maybe even some books made (if my finances will allow it).  I am excited to use My Memories Suite to help create these videos or books.  Here's a page I've created with family pets' photos and the Fall 2012 kit from the designer Kreations by Sparky.

If you think you might want to create a video or book with your own photos check out My Memories Suite at the link below.  Copy and paste this code STMMMS62320 to save $10 when you make your purchase.