Monday, December 17, 2012

Entrepreneurs in Your Family

Are you an entrepreneur?  Were your parents or grandparents entrepreneurs?

 My family has had a lot of entrepreneurs in it.  My parents ultimately decided to build a family business instead of working for someone else.  There is risk in being an entrepreneur.  Some fail. Others succeed.  Most entrepreneurs have tried and failed, but they keep trying until they succeed.  Recording the story of entrepreneurs in your family is an important part of your history.  What were the failures?  What were the successes?  Perhaps what you record will be of help to someone in your family in the future.
I'm including a link to two videos I just watched. This 2nd video talks about the importance of teaching how to be an entrepreneur to your children.  Some of your children and maybe even yourself have tried to fit into the employee mindset when you really have an entrepreneur mindset. Finding real success may take a change in the way you think.  The 1st video talks about how many people who originally came to America came with very little in the way of money or possessions yet they went on to be successful in their lives.  Think back on your family and record the stories of those who were entrepreneurs.  It is an important part of your family history.


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