Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Was The First Car You Remember in Your Life?

Here's another question for your life story:

What was the first car you remember in your life?

Cars, for many people, are a big part of their life.  Most people own cars, unless they live in a metropolitan area with easy access to public transportation or where everything is in walking distance.  In your life story write about what kind of transportation you had.  What do you remember of the first car in your life.  If your family didn't have a car, did you walk everywhere, did you take a bus or train or subway or did you ride a bike?

The first car I remember was a grey pickup truck.  I have pictures of my brother, my sister and myself in front of it.  It had a flat tire.  Maybe my mother figured we wouldn't be going anywhere that day with the flat tire, so it was a good day to take a picture.  My parents had bought the truck brand new before I and my brother were born.  My sister was eight years older than me.  I think my parents thought they were only going to have one child, so a pickup truck made sense especially because of having a farm and needing to haul things.  It did become difficult as our family grew.  There weren't seat belts in the truck, but still it wasn't a great idea to try to fit five people in the cab of the truck.  Many of today's trucks have front and back seats inside the cab, so five or six people can ride comfortably, but since our truck only had one seat we sat on laps to all fit in the cab.  In good weather when we were older we rode in the back of the truck.  We never had an accident fortunately with that truck.  Following is a picture of it with me standing beside it. 

Write about the cars in your life.  What is the first car you remember?  What is the first car that you bought yourself?  What is the most memorable car you have ever owned.  Write about trips you've taken in your cars.  Write about car accidents or when the car broke down.  Write about running out of gas or sliding off the road in a snowstorm.  Since much of our lives happens in cars, remembering and writing about the cars in your life will add a lot to your life story.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scary Experiences

Here's another question for your life story:

What was the scariest experience you remember?

All of us have been scared.  Sometimes we found out there was nothing to be scared of.  Sometimes there really was something to be scared of.  Sometimes we were saved from what we were scared of.  Sometimes we had to deal with what scared us even though it was very difficult.

As you think about the scariest experiences you have had, you will probably come up with many stories you can write down.  Start writing them down and you will add a lot to your life story.

Every year when I went back to school, I had to deal with fear about going down the big slippery slide again.  After not going down the slide during the summer while school was out, I had a hard time trying to go down it again.  Sometimes I would climb up the steps all the way to the top, then look down the slide and quickly back down the steps.  Unfortunately sometimes someone would be climbing the steps behind me.  They didn't want to back down, so they would tell me to just slide down, that it would be okay.  Finally after I did slide down it wasn't so scary any more and I could slide down again and again. 

I learned that somethings you should be scared of and be cautious in what you are doing.  I remember a confrontation my dad had with a badger.  I remember the teeth and the claws and how ferocious that badger was.  I learned you never want to encounter a badger without being prepared to protect yourself.

Lightning is something I still find scary.  I have learned that if you get in a safe place lightning doesn't have to be so scary, though I still am cautious when there is lightning.

NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) 

Write your scary experiences down and add a lot to your life story.