Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful Despite Challenges

It's only a little over a week away until Thanksgiving. With underemployment and unemployment problems in our family, things are uncertain of what we can do for Thanksgiving this year. We don't know that we can all be together this year. It can be hard to look forward to a holiday that isn't going to be what you would hope that it could be. Focusing on the things we are grateful for is one way to help keep one's attitude positive. I have been trying to write down every day five things I am grateful for. Some days I have to stop and think because I want to write down new things that I am grateful each day. At one time I was writing down three things I was grateful for each day. It became challenging and I dropped back to writing down at least one thing I was grateful for each day. After hearing this challenge to write down five things each day, I decided to try it. I need all the help I can get to stay focused on the positive right now.
The Power of Attitude
Sometimes I write down what I am grateful for that is not happening in my life. I am thankful I don't personally have to deal with a natural disaster right now. I am grateful I am not living in a war zone. I am grateful I am not suffering from a lot of pain. I am grateful I am not homeless. When I think about some of my ancestors, I can find other things I am grateful for. I am grateful I am not trying to pull a handcart with very few possessions across the plains in a snowstorm as my great, great grandfather and his family did. I am grateful I have not been driven out of my home by mobs as another great great grandfather and his family were. As I learn the stories of my ancestors, I find many things to be grateful for. I am very blessed in my life when I look at what they went through. I am very grateful for the strength they had to do what they felt was right despite severe difficulties. When I consider their problems, I find I have much to be grateful. It does change my perspective on how my life is. Trying to find and keep the stories of my ancestors is a great blessing in my life giving me much more to be thankful for.
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