Saturday, May 2, 2009

Illness Strikes

Recording illnesses doesn't seem like the best entries in your story. Illnesses are a time of discouragement, fear and sometimes wondering if life will ever be good again. I got sick this last week bad enough to miss work. I've had people ask me if I had the Swine Flu which has been in the world news. My symptoms were different, and I don't even live close to any confirmed cases of the Swine Flu. There is a lot of fear over this illness, so people ask.
Illnesses really do affect our lives. When we recover from an illness, we appreciate the good health we enjoy again. While we deal with the unpleasantness of an illness we learn patience and perseverance. Recording what we did to cope with an illness may be helpful to someone else dealing with a similar illness. If something we did made the illness worse, that information may be very important to another person. Describing the symptoms we have with a certain condition may help another person determine the disease they may be suffering from. Some diseases run in families so recording the information may help another family member determine what they are suffering from.
It would be nice if life were always pleasant and good. No one avoids problems, so knowing that others have struggled too can be very helpful. When you record your life story put in some of the health problems you've had. Then record the things you are grateful for: the medicine that made you better, the neighbor that brought over chicken soup, the surgeon that repaired the damage, the story that made you smile and most of all the wonderful feeling of having good health restored.