Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lost a Beloved Pet?

Have you ever lost a beloved pet?

Pets can be a big part of our life.  Your life can revolve around a pet.  Your pets get hungry and thirsty.  You need to feed them and give them water.  They may need to go outside and you need to open the door for them to go out.  Your dog may need a walk or exercise like playing fetch.  Your pets may need your attention--to pet them, talk to them, groom them and spend time with them.  If you have had a pet in your life, you spend a significant part of your life caring for them.  When they die, it leaves a big hole in your life.  For a while you feel empty like part of your life is missing.  Writing about your pet and preserving your pet's memory is one way to help heal the grief you feel when you lose a pet.

Almost two weeks ago my dog died.  He was a beautiful red Queensland Heeler.  He was thirteen and a half years old.  I knew he was getting old, but since I 've known people with 17 and 18 year old dogs, I hoped I would have him for a few more years.  He had gotten really good on his walks.  He wouldn't try to chase cats or confront other dogs.  He loved to see people and have them want to stop and pet him.  He looked forward to his walks and would look so sad if I didn't have time to take him on a walk.  He got me out of the house in good weather and bad weather.  He stopped me from sitting too long since I had to get up to let him out of the house or to get him something to eat.  I do miss him.  He was a great companion to my youngest daughter.  If I couldn't be home with her, she didn't feel so alone because he was there.  If someone came to visit, he always had to announce they were there by barking.  When we let them in, he wanted their attention. Rover is truly missed.  He was a great dog.

Make sure you keep the memories of your family's pets,  They truly are an important part of your family's story.