Sunday, July 26, 2015

“Relative Finder” now certified with FamilySearch

“Relative Finder” now certified with FamilySearch Finding out who you are related to can increase your sense of connectivity.  Twenty eight years ago when I moved to the town I live in now I didn't know any one in the town.  I didn't even know where the town was.  I hadn't even heard of it.  My husband applied for a job and got it, so we moved to this town.  My husband was doing some work for a family to earn some extra money to help with our move.  My maiden name was the same as the family's last name only it was spelled differently.  Because of the difference in spelling, I didn't think we would be related.  But after sharing who our ancestors were we found that our grandfathers were brothers and that we had the same great grandfather and great grandmother.  Since then I have discovered other relatives when someone shares something about one of their ancestors and I have the same ancestor.  Even today one of the speakers at church shared a story about one of his ancestors who is a brother to one of my great great grandfathers so I just found another cousin.

With Relative Finder you can see if you are related to Presidents of the United States, European Royalty, Classical Composers, Famous Writers, Catholic Popes & Saints, Reformers, Famous Americans and many more or you can join a group and find out who you are related to in that group.  After you join Relative Finder you will feel like it really is a small world after all.