Friday, April 5, 2013

Grace Compared to Piano Lessons

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Reading the blog post linked to here, I was very impressed with the explanation of grace.  It is from a talk given by Brad Wilcox called "His Grace is Sufficient".  The comparison of grace to piano lessons makes so much sense to me.  Christ paid the debt for what we have done.  He doesn't ask us to pay the debt, but he does ask us to keep the commandments and to love others.  He doesn't expect us to be perfect, but he does expect that we will repent when we do something wrong and we will keep on trying.  Just as a parent who pays for piano lessons for a child doesn't expect the child to pay for the piano lessons, yet the parent does expect the child to learn and to improve and to practice.  A parent doesn't expect their child to be a virtuoso after one piano lesson, but the parent does expect the child to keep practicing and learning and improving. 

I liked this quote from the talk:  "Think of your friends and family members who have chosen to live without faith and without repentance. They don’t want to change. They are not trying to abandon sin and become comfortable with God. Rather, they are trying to abandon God and become comfortable with sin."

I thought I would share the link here since his explanation is so much better than mine.

I just found the video of this talk so if you prefer the video here is the link.

 What talks have you listened, or what articles have you read, or what movies have you seen, or what music have you listened to that has changed the way you see things?  What would you like to share with your family?  Write about what you enjoyed and why you enjoyed it and include it in your story.