Monday, May 5, 2008

Memories of Mother

It is less than a week until Mother's Day. Every one of us has a mother. Most of us truly appreciate the love and care our mothers gave us. If our mother is still alive we want to show that love to her on Mother's Day. Why not write down some of the fondest memories you have of your mother? What were your favorite foods that she cooked? Where did she take you that you remember the most? What advice did she give you that you have appreciated the most? What things did she do with you or for you that you enjoyed?
You could make a special Mother's Day card with these memories to give to her. You could probably do this every year and not run out of memories. You could give her a binder to keep the cards in and add to it each year. A simple way to make a binder would be to cut a piece of card stock a little larger than the cards and decorate it. Then one-half inch from the center score down the middle on one side and then score one-half inch from the center down the other side. Now fold each side over at the scored lines. This should make a spine for the binder. Tie narrow ribbons or other fibers tightly around the spine with just enough give that a card could be slipped between the ribbon and the spine. A sturdier binder could be made with chipboard or mat board. Several members of the family could make cards and give with the binder to a mother or a grandmother for a nice completed gift.
Whatever you choose to give your mother for Mother's Day adding your written down memories will make it an even more special gift.

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