Friday, March 6, 2009

Sometimes life goes by so fast. There is so much that needs to be done, that there is little time to stop and think. If you keep a journal or are trying to write your life story, you may find times when you don't have time to write anything or your entries may be very brief. Then there may be times when you can write long entries. Life doesn't seem to be evenly balanced. Even writing a blog, I find myself running out of time and energy to add to it. Then there are more calm times when I can spend a little time thinking and writing. That is the way life is and we need to deal with it. As you write think about the times that were so busy and full. Record the feelings you had during those times--like exhaustion, frustration, excitement. Record the feelings you had during calm times--like peace, gratitude, comfort, boredom, loneliness. The calm times can be the times to make up for what you couldn't do during the busy times. It is a good thing that life isn't always one way or the other. Writing about the different time of our lives can give us much needed perspective.

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