Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Did You Do When It was Really Hot?

Here's another question for writing your story:
What did you do when it was really hot?
In the summertime when it gets really hot it can be challenging to get much work done.  For me when it gets in the high 90's and over 100 degrees, I find it difficult to keep working.  A cooler or air conditioner makes a huge difference.  I've had a few days when my cooler stopped working, and I had to deal with the heat.  It makes me stop and think how did people use to cope without a cooler or air conditioner.
Where I grew up we had about a month of hot temperatures.  We had a basement in our house, and in the heat of the afternoon that was the place we wanted to stay.  When my dad built bedrooms upstairs, I learned if I opened my bedroom window, left my bedroom door open and opened the front door leaving only the screen door closed a nice cool breeze would blow through my room.  We didn't even have fans so that breeze was very welcome.  Of course things are different now as we worry about burglaries and don't dare leave a door unlocked.  
When you write your story, recording how you dealt with hot weather will add interest and understanding.  Maybe you played in a pool of water when it got really hot.  Maybe you soaked towels or washcloths in water and used them to cool off your skin.  Maybe you placed a wet towel or a pan of ice cubes in front of a fan and sat in front of the stream of cool air.  Maybe you ate a lot of ice cream.  Maybe it didn't really get hot where you lived so you never worried about how to cool down.  Recording your summer experiences will add another dimension to your story.


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