Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Was Your Favorite Piece of Furniture When You Were Growing Up?

Here's another question to answer for your life story:

What was your favorite piece of furniture when you were growing up?

Do you remember a favorite comfortable chair that you would sit in when you were young?  Do you remember what the table you ate meals at looked like?  Do you remember what you bed was like?

Furniture is an important part of our life story.  If you think about the furniture you had when growing up, it will probably bring back memories of things that happened with that furniture.

I remember when my parents bought a new sofa-bed and two recliners.  We hadn't had the furniture for very long when my sister, who was teaching my Sunday School class, decided to have a party for the members of the class at our house.  Things got out of hand when several of the kids piled on one of the recliners.  It broke. 

When I think of my bed, I remember most the night our cat decided to have her kittens in my bed.  My mother didn't get much sleep that night, nor did I.

Remembering the kitchen table from my childhood brings back good memories.  Eating has always been one of my favorite things.  We rolled out cookie dough, kneaded bread and made other delicious food at the table.  We always ate family meals together around the table.  It was a red Formica table.  My dad would get out his pencil and do some of his figuring right there on the table.  The pencil washed right off from the table when he was through.  That table outlasted more than one set of chairs.  I do remember good things when I think of that table.  Here's a picture of that table.

Write down what you remember about the furniture you grew up with in your house and add to your life story. 

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