Friday, August 17, 2012

Political Views

What are and were your political views?

With the presidential election coming up this year there is much discussion about political points of view.  Part of your history involves your political point of view.  Even if you hate politics and don't want to hear anything about the election still that is part of your history.  Write down what you believe the government should do.  Write down where you stand on the issues now and throughout your life.  Write down why you chose to vote for certain people.  Write down if you ever regretted voting for someone.  Recording what was happening in the political world and how it affected you can be a big part of your story.  

My parents felt Social Security was a bad idea.  They felt it wouldn't work out well.  Things did change since Social Security started and there are problems.  It would be interesting to talk with my parents about what they feel about what is happening now.

Write down your opinions about politics and add a lot to your story.

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