Thursday, November 8, 2012


Who did you vote for and why did you vote that way?

Another presidential election has just past.  Voting is a great privilege, and it is a great challenge.  Selecting the candidate who would best represent your views on how government should be is very important.  Recording who you voted for and why you voted for them can be an important part of your story.

I wish my parents had written down more of their political beliefs.  I remember certain things they talked about.  Sometimes now when I read or hear certain things, I think about what my parents said.  I would love to talk with them now about current politics, but since they have both passed away I can't do that.  If I write down why I voted for the people I did, perhaps it may be of interest to my children some day.

Write down your reasons for who you voted for right after an election.  Maybe it will be of help to you in the next election.  Remembering how you felt in previous elections may help you in the current or future elections.  Maybe some day it will be of help to one of your children or grandchildren.

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