Saturday, September 21, 2013

What are some of your favorite quotes?

Every so often you come across quotes that make a lot of sense.  I like to have quotes where I can see them and read them again and again.  Recording your favorite quotes can really add to your life story.

My youngest daughter posted the following on Facebook a few days ago.  This is a quote that I want to remember.    

"The biggest thing I learned in life. You otherwise let everything that's bad hold you down, or you get up on your feet and start moving forward. YOU'RE THE AUTHOR OF YOUR STORY. So if you don't like it right now then change the main characters (YOU) thoughts for the better."  Donelle Larsen

Words can truly bless our lives.  They change the way we think and can change the way we do things.  Record you favorite quotes in your life story.

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