Saturday, November 30, 2013

What roles did your parents have?

Did your mother work at a job outside of the home or did she stay at home and care for you and take care of the household tasks?  Did your father work outside of the home?  Did he help with the household tasks?  Were your parents helpful to each other or were they strictly devoted to doing their own tasks?  What roles your parents took on affects the roles you take on in your home.
In my home when I was growing up both of my parents worked from home.  They had a chicken farm.  Each one had certain roles, but they helped each other when needed.  My mother did most of the cooking and cleaning of the house.  She did the laundry and she sewed clothes for us. She did the bookkeeping for the family business and she paid the bills.  She cleaned, candled, graded and cased the eggs for sale.  My dad took care of the chickens--feeding them, gathering the eggs, growing the grain to feed them with.  He also cared for a couple cows, milking and feeding them and growing hay and other feed for them.  My dad built our home with help from my mother.  He build the coops, corrals and other farm buildings.  He kept the cars, tractors and machinery running.  They would help each other.  My dad helped finish getting the eggs ready to deliver.  Both of my parents did the delivery of the eggs--of course with us kids helping.  My mother would gather eggs and feed chickens if my dad needed help.
A lot of your ideas about your role in life comes from your parents.  Record in your life story the roles of your parents and record how it has affected you.


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