Saturday, November 3, 2007

Preschool Years

Most people have few preschool memories. What memories you may have from before the age of five are probably ones that made a big emotional impact in your life. One memory I have is when our dog had puppies. I picked out one for my own. I wanted to keep the puppy. My parents wanted to keep a male puppy. I had picked out a female. I remember a man coming and wanting the puppy I had chosen. He offered to pay me a quarter for the puppy. I ended up accepting the quarter although I really wanted to keep the puppy.

Some of the memories from preschool years are things you have been told about. You may or may not really be remembering the incident, but you have been told about it so many times, that you know about the incident. I don't know if I actually remember the time I went out to the chicken coop and started breaking eggs. Chickens love broken eggs. They will snatch a piece of egg shell from another chicken's mouth and run with it. I was having a great time watching the chickens. Since selling eggs was our family's income, when I was discovered I was in real trouble. I can see the chickens snatched the eggs and running in my mind, but I don't know if I actually remember the incident or if I remember my parent's telling about the incident.

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