Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Writing About Your School Years

When you write about your school years, it's easy to start with the obvious. You will probably put down where you lived, what school you went to, the events you remember from school, the friends you had, what subjects you liked best, the teachers you had and so on. Make sure you include what else went on in your life. What did you do when you were not in school? How did you spend your summer vacation? What was your family like? How many brothers and sisters did you have? Were your parents working or at home? What happened when you got sick? What kind of a house did you live in? What was the town or city like that you grew up in? What world events do you remember happening?
You may not be able to remember exactly when certain things happened. What you write down doesn't have to be strictly chronological. Unless your parents have a good memory or it is written down some where, you may not be able to remember exactly when certain things happened; yet, you wouldn't want to not write down about the time you fell and broke a front tooth, just because you can't remember if it was fall or spring of the 1st or 2nd grade when it happened. It still had a significant impact on your life and should be recorded.
You will probably add frequently to this part of your life story as you recall other events that you didn't think of when you first started writing. Again writing on the computer has advantages, since you can add in the additional memories wherever you would like to.

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