Saturday, January 26, 2008

Different aspects of your life can make your story very interesting. One part of my life that has added a lot of joy has been pets. I have had pets most of my life. The first pet I remember was a dog who had puppies. I was probably 4 or 5 years old then. I selected a puppy that I wanted to keep for my own. She was female and my parents didn't want another female dog. They decided to keep one of the male puppies. They told people they had puppies to give away. I remember when a man came to see the puppies and he wanted the puppy I had chosen. My dad told him the situation so he offered me a quarter for the puppy. It didn't seem like a very fair trade, but my parents were encouraging me to accept the quarter; and, somehow, I think I knew I couldn't keep the puppy.
We always had a dog and some cats while I was growing up. Being on a farm, cats were a blessing as they kept the mice population under control. At one time we had 13 cats all black with little white spots under their chins. They lived in the woodpile behind our home. An illness swept through the cats killing all but one. She survived, but had a croaky voice from then on so Croaky became her name.
These are just a couple of stories about pets that I remember from my life. What stories do you remember about your pets? Writing them down will add a new dimension to your life story. What do your children remember about their pets? What did your parents think about the pets you had? How did you get your pets? Were they rescued from the pound or from an abusive home? Were they born to other pets you owned? Were they gifts? Did they show up as strays and you let them stay? Record the funny stories of things they did. Record the heart-warming stories of the love they showed to you and others. Add photos of the different aspects of their lives. When you have finished you will have a wonderful addition to your story.
Following is a link to a slideshow my daughter made about the pets in her life. It's an added dimension to our family's story.

My Pets


These are my pets. I love them all I've had more but we didn't get pics of them all....

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