Monday, January 14, 2008

Using Photos to Help Write Your Story

Photographs can spark many memories. Collect the photos from your life. Then look at a photo and write down everything you know about the photo. Write down when it was taken, where it was taken, who is in the photo, who took the photo, why it was taken and anything else you can remember about the photo. Now you have a segment of your life written down that you can add to your life story. Pick another photo and do it again. After doing this several times you will have a lot to add to your life story. Of course adding the photo into your story makes it even more interesting. A scrapbook is one way you can use your photos to tell your story. As you design each page around the photos be sure to add the information you know about the photo. This will make the scrapbook not only enjoyable to look at, but also very informative and interesting. The photos will come to life more with the story behind them.

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