Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Kinds of Flowers Do You Remember in Your Life

Here's another question to answer in your life story:

What kinds of flowers do you remember in your life?

Do you remember flowers from your childhood?  Did you have daffodils or tulips in the springtime.  Did you have irises or tiger lilies?  Did you have a small border of flowers or a big bed of flowers?  Did you only grow flowers outside or were flowers brought inside to display in bouquets?  Did you give or receive flowers?  Do any flowers have a special meaning to you?

When I was young we had irises and gladiolas and tiger lilies growing along the fence line.  I can remember one year that a large section in front of the house was planted with many different kinds of flowers.  It was a spectacular display.  I didn't receive many flower bouquets in my life.  When my late husband was courting me, he gave me a bouquet of six red roses.  It was all that he could afford.  I dried those roses and put them in a jar.  I still have them today.  Where I work flowers are often given to us, so the past few years I have had bouquets of flowers inside.  I have to watch out where I put the flowers because I have a cat who likes certain flowers especially carnations and roses. I try to grow flowers outside.  I seem to have the most success with marigolds and sunflowers.  They volunteer to grow.  

Write down your memories of flowers and take pictures so you can always remember the flowers in your life.  Take time to stop and enjoy the flowers.



Karen said...

Nice post - my grandma always had moss roses, and so did my mother-in-law, so we make it a point to have them too in our yard. Isn't it a great reminder of happy times?

Jenalee said...

Some of my irises are blooming right now. When I was growing up I lived in a colder climate, and the irises bloomed closer to Memorial Day. Bouquets of irises decorated many graves in the cemetery. Flowers really do bring back memories.