Friday, December 17, 2010

Decorating your Christmas Tree

Every year I have decorated a Christmas tree.  Many of the same ornaments are put on the tree over and over again each year.  Some ornaments I have had for thirty five years or more. 

When we lived in a large city we attended a Festival of Trees.  It was a charitable event where you made a donation to see hundreds of trees decorated in different ways.  It was fun to see the different ways the trees were decorated.  I would imagine being able to decorate a tree with a certain theme, but each year practicality wins out and I decorate with what I have.  Once in a while I'll receive a new ornament or I may make a new ornament, but most of the decorations are repeats from previous years. 

This year I have been thinking of decorating the Christmas tree with family photos and turning the Christmas tree into a family tree.  I've made a few ornaments with some of my ancestors' photos, and I plan to hang them on the Christmas tree.  Still many of the ornaments from over the years will still be hung.  Some were gifts from family members.  Some were handmade.  Many of them bring memories from the past.  I feel they all fit in with a family tree, so this year my Christmas tree will be a family tree.  Below is a picture of some of the ornaments I've made.  I hope by next year to get some more long lasting ornaments made like the ones available here.

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