Friday, December 3, 2010

Do You Remember Any Special Gifts You Got for Christmas?

Another question for your story:

Do you remember any special gifts you got for Christmas?

When I was in fifth and sixth grade it seemed all of the other girls got Barbie Dolls for Christmas.  I was given an inexpensive craft doll.  The legs didn't move on the doll.  Her hair wasn't as sturdy and full.  She was a little smaller than the Barbie Dolls.  My mother had sewn clothes for her, and I brought her to school when the girls had all agreed to bring their dolls to play with at recess.

When I was in sixth grade I received a Tammy Doll as a gift.  A Tammy Doll looked more like a real person than a Barbie Doll did.  The Tammy Doll came with a couple of outfits, and my mother had sewn more outfits for her.  I still had a different doll from the other girls, but I cherished her.  

I still have my Tammy Doll.  She has been held and played with by my daughters.  I am grateful I got the Tammy Doll because she looked more like me and  I think she gave me a better feeling about myself. 

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