Monday, July 25, 2011

What Were Your Neighbors Like?

Here's another question for your life story:

What were your neighbors like?

Neighbors can often become our best friends.  Sometimes though neighbors can become enemies.  In your lifetime what kind of neighbors have you had?

When I was growing up, our closest neighbors were half a mile away.  I don't remember playing with the neighbor's kids at their house or mine, but we did spend time together at school, at church, in 4-H clubs, riding bikes together to an activity in town, playing softball together and many other things.  

When my oldest daughter was young we lived in a large city and our neighbors were close to us.  Sometimes my daughter would be playing outside and I would lose track of where she was.  More often than not I would find her sitting on the neighbor's porch hoping their daughter would come out to play with her.

Write about the neighbors you've had in your life.  Were they friends?  How did you get to know them?  Neighbors are an important of our life story. 

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