Saturday, August 27, 2011

What Was the Most Embarrassing Thing That Happened with Your Clothing

Another question for your life story:

What was the most embarrassing thing that happened with your clothing?

Did you ever put a shirt on inside out?  Did you ever have a seam rip out?  Did you ever put two different colors of socks on or worse wear two different shoes?  Did you ever spill food on yourself and then had to wear your clothes for the rest of the day?  

By sharing embarrassing incidents we help someone else avoid having a similar problem, or we may give comfort to someone when they know someone else had the same problem.  

Many times I have put on a blouse and left the tag sticking out on the back of the neck.  I have had kind people gently tuck the tag in for me or whisper about it so I can take care of it.  I have discovered a ripped-out seam around an armhole or missing buttons or a hem that is coming undone.  Usually I discover the problem before I go out.  But I am very grateful for kind people who try not to embarrass me, but to help me.  

Share your solutions in your history.  I've found some tape that holds the tags in place so that I don't have them sticking out of my blouse.  I have learned to carry safety pins with me just in case.  A mini sewing kit can come in handy to sew back on a button or repair a seam.  Taking time to check my clothing to see that there are not rips or tears or unsightly stains saves a lot of embarrassment.

Embarrassing incidents are part of your story.  You may help someone else by sharing even the embarrassing things from your life.

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