Monday, September 12, 2011

What Do You Remember About Thunder Storms?

Here's another question for your life story:

What Do You Remember About Thunder Storms?

Thunder and lightning have always been frightening to me.  I want to be inside and protected.  I'm glad they don't happen too often where I live and where I have lived.

I remember a thunderstorm one summer day when we were having a 4-H club cooking class.  We had mixed up a batch of  muffins when the power went out.  Our leader had an electric oven so we weren't going to be able to cook them.  She got on the phone and called her mother-in-law who had a coal-burning cookstove still in her kitchen.  We learned how to bake in a coal-burning cookstove that one time.  I've never had the opportunity to cook that way again, but I did learn an appreciation for grandparents and great grandparents who cooked that way all the time.

I know my parents were more aware of the weather and changes that might be coming than I am.  My father knew to get his tractor back home as soon as it looked like there might be a thunderstorm coming so he wouldn't be caught out in an open field.  I remember he talked about flash floods that could sweep down a wash rapidly from a thunderstorm up in the mountains.  Of course the best part of thunderstorms is a beautiful rainbow at the end.

I think it would be interesting to read about how my ancestors who were pioneers dealt with thunderstorms.  I am sure it could be a scary experience when you are traveling across the plains with just a covered wagon or a handcart.  Since I would like to know more about their lives, perhaps some day someone will want to know more about my life.  Some day someone may want to know what you experienced and how you coped with challenges.  Write down your experiences to share with someone who may be interested in the future.

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