Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Are Your Mother's Day Memories?

Another question for your history:

What are your Mother's Day memories?

Mother's Day is an emotional holiday.  It can stir up many memories.  Some of those will be very good and happy, but some of those memories may be very sad.  If you are a mother, you may feel guilt because you are not a perfect mother.  It can be hard to hear poems, songs and stories about mothers when you know how imperfect you are.  If you are a woman who wanted to be a mother but is not a mother because of not being married or infertility or miscarriages, you may feel a lot of pain hearing how wonderful mothers are.  If you lost your mother to death or abandonment or any other reason, Mother's Day can be very painful. 

The saddest Mother's Day for me was the Mother's Day right after my mother's death.  She died less than two weeks before Mother's Day.  We always went to church each Sunday.  Of course we went to church on that Mother's Day.  At church a flower, a booklet or some other small gift would be given to each mother there.  It was hard to see all the mothers getting a flower that Sunday.  Someone gave us a flower to put on my mother's grave.  After church we went and put that flower on her grave.  That gesture meant a lot to us and gave us some comfort in the loss of our mother.  

Write about your Mother's Day experiences.  What was the happiest Mother's Day you ever had?  What was the saddest  Mother's Day you ever had?  What have you done to make someone else's Mother Day happy.  What have others done to make Mother's Day special for you.  Add more to your story by writing about your Mother's Day memories.


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