Monday, June 4, 2012

What Kind of Foods Did You Eat?

Another question for you life story:

What kind of foods did you eat?

What kind of foods did you eat as a child?  Were you really fussy and just wanted one kind of food, or did you like anything place in front of you, or were you somewhere in between?  Did you always eat at home, or did you eat out a lot?  Did your family have guests over for meals frequently, or was it just your family at mealtimes?  Did you all sit down at a table and eat together, or did you each grab a plate of food and eat while watching TV or reading a book?  Did you have the table set with place mats or a tablecloth and a full place setting, or did you just use the utensils that you needed like a spoon for a bowl of soup or a fork for a salad?  Did you learn to use words like please and thank you, or did you reach across the table to get what you wanted?
Eating is such a fundamental part of our lives that what and how and where and when we eat should be included as part of our story.  Write about your favorite foods.  Write about the foods you dislike and why.  Write about different kinds of food that your family ate.  My dad liked to have a bowl of bread and milk for supper each night.  The milk was fresh and often still warm right from the cow.  He would make a little pile of salt and dip a radish or a green onion or other raw vegetable in the salt and eat it along with the bread and milk.  I've learned that bread and milk was a pioneer staple especially for supper.  My dad continued with that tradition from his pioneer ancestors.  Often the whole family would eat the bread and milk, but sometimes my mother fixed other things for us.  My dad still preferred a bowl of bread and milk for supper.
Include stories about food in you life story to make it even more interesting since every one likes food.  

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