Thursday, June 28, 2012

Transportation Troubles

Here's another question for your life story:

Have you ever had transportation troubles?

Have you had your car break down and leave you stranded?  What did you do?  Did you have to walk for help?  Did someone stop and offer you help?  Did you have your car towed?  Did you fix your car yourself?  Transportation troubles can add a lot to a story.  Record your experiences with transportation troubles.  Maybe you were involved in an accident.  Maybe you were stranded in a big snowstorm.  Maybe you missed your flight or train or bus.  Maybe you missed something important because you didn't have a way to get there.  

Sometimes transportation troubles can have a positive side.  The kind person who stopped and helped you change a flat tire is a wonderful blessing.  The neighbor who offers you a ride is so appreciated.  The friend who loans you their car until yours is fixed is a marvelous act of kindness.

I have been the recipient of help with car problems.  I have had rides offered from several people.  My co-worker offered me a ride home from work today in her brand new car.  She had to show me how the GPS worked and how when you went to back up there was a picture of the blind spot right behind your car there.  There were so many wonderful features in her car.  It was a real treat just to ride in it.  Maybe it was a blessing that my car wouldn't start and I had to walk to work.  Perhaps one of the greatest kindnesses I have received was when a friend who was moving gave me her car.  She said she wasn't going to need a car and she wanted me to have it because my old car was developing some serious problems.  

If you are writing the story of a parent or grandparent you may have some very interesting stories about transportation to include.  My grandmother said she and her brothers and sisters took a horse and a cart to school.  They had to take along some hay for the horse to eat while they were in school. 

Including stories about transportation will add a lot of interest to your life story. 

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