Thursday, March 11, 2010

Humorous Childhood Experiences

I came across the following video and thought of how many cute things children do.  Do you remember something you did as a kid that you find humorous now?  When I was very young, so young I don't really think I remember this incident, I went out to the chicken coop and started breaking eggs on the floor.  The chickens would see the broken eggs and would grab the shells.  Other chickens would try to grab the shell from the beak of a chicken who had gotten a piece of the shell.  It was kind of like a basketball game.  As soon as a chicken managed to get the shell from another chicken, it would start running the other direction.  Other chickens would try to grab the shell from the running chicken.  I was having a great time watching the chickens grab the shells from each egg that I broke and then run back and forth throughout the coop stealing the shells from each other.  When I was discovered breaking the eggs, I was promptly punished so I would never do it again.  Of course accidentally breaking an egg when gathering them happened every so often and that is why I can see a picture clearly of the chickens stealing the shells from each other.  I look back now and chuckle about the incident.

What things can you remember from your childhood that make you laugh now.  Record your experiences as part of your family history.  Record the experiences with your children as they are growing up so they will remember those humorous times later in their life.

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