Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tell About an Exciting Place You Have Been To

Another prompt for writing your story is:
Tell about an exciting place you have been to.
 You have probably been to many exciting places.  A place could have been exciting because you had always wanted to go there and there were exciting things to do and see there.  A place could have been exciting because of who you would see and spend time with there.  A place could have been exciting because of an exciting event that happened there.  The post just before this one is about a woman's search for her family history and how it made history come alive for her.  She hadn't really felt really American until she found out how her ancestors had been involved with the Gold Rush and the Salem Witch Trials.  Traveling to those places where her family had lived became very exciting.
The above photo is of Bodie, California.  It is a well preserved ghost town.  I enjoyed going there because I love historic places.  I like the feeling of going back in time.  I went with two of my daughters and a group of other friends.  We spent the day and had a picnic lunch there.  It was a most enjoyable day.
Record the places you've traveled to, why you went there, who you went with or who you went to see and what you did while you were there.  You probably have many places you have been that have been exciting and you were grateful you could travel there.  

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