Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My New Life

Tragedies happen in life.  Really hard, difficult things can happen in life.  Sometimes several problems come at once.  The belief that life is still good even if it is hard makes it so much easier to go on.  This video shows one woman's outlook on her trial.

Ten years ago I went through a series of tragedies.  My life changed drastically.  I didn't have the same kind of challenge portrayed in this video, but I had life changing things to deal with.  I was in a hospital for three months, couldn't walk for four months and couldn't work for six months.  I lost four family members during that time including my husband.  What I learned through that experience is something I should write down in my life story.

Hopefully your challenges are more spread out and not as intense, but what you learn from your trials is important to write down and share with others.  It can be good to write down both your sadness and your gladness when you are going through problems, but even if it has been years since the challenge occurred it is still good to write down what you felt and what you learned.  Some experiences in life totally change our lives.  Write about those things that have changed your life.

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