Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Memories

Here's another question to write about in your story:

How did your family observe Memorial Day?

Did your family do special things on Memorial Day to help remember those who have died?  Did they honor especially those who died while serving their country?  Did your family do fun things like having a barbecue or a picnic or camping out?  Write down your memories of Memorial Day. 
My family always decorated the graves of family members.  My mother would make artificial flowers out of plastic or crepe paper and then we would take them and place them on family members' graves.  We always decorated my dad's parents' graves which were in the cemetary of the town we lived in.  We usually traveled fifteen miles and put flowers on my mother's father's grave and on her baby brother's grave.  My dad's brothers and sisters would usually come to our town to decorate their parents' graves.  They decided to get together for a dinner and they would visit and sometimes have a program.  Usually they asked each brother or sister to choose someone from their family to share their talent.  Once I learned to play the flute it seemed I got to be the one to share the talent.  
It is harder now to decorate family graves.  I live about 500 miles away from where my parents and grandparents and sister are buried.  Although Memorial Day sometimes just seems like it's a day off from work, I still can take time to remember my family and to especially remember those who died while serving our country and preserving our freedom. 
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