Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What was your most memorable chance encounter?

Another idea for writing your story:
What was your most memorable chance encounter?
When you encounter something or someone by chance, it is unexpected.  The experience may be pleasant or exciting or it may be scary or unnerving.  The unplanned experiences in our lives can make a big impact.  Perhaps you come across a stray cat or dog that becomes your pet.  Perhaps you meet someone by chance who becomes a life-long friend or maybe even your spouse.  Perhaps you encounter an unusual rock like the man who found a meteorite and years later found it to be worth a lot of money. Perhaps you come across a beautiful view or meadow or forest that you go back to often afterwards or that you never can find again but always remember how beautiful it was.  If you've had a chance encounter in your life that has made a big difference, write it down--it's an important part of your story.
Several years ago I by chance came across a part time job that ended up being a good way for me to earn money and still be available for my children.  I was just shopping in a variety store in our town.  I was looking at the craft supplies close by the artificial flowers.  A lady was servicing the flower department.  She asked me if I knew of anyone that might be interested in being a merchandiser and in servicing the flower department.  I asked what was involved.  When I said I might be interested, I found myself being hired right then and there for the job.  The hours were flexible and I thought the work could be enjoyable.  I had always thought that just the store employees serviced the displays.  I didn't know before then that there were merchandising jobs.  Over the next few years I worked six different merchandising jobs just because of that chance encounter.

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