Monday, July 5, 2010

How Did You Celebrate the Fourth of July?

Here is another idea to write about in your personal and family history:

How did you celebrate the Fourth of July?

Today is the fifth of July, but it is the day I get off from work because the Fourth of July fell on a Sunday this year.  Yesterday we watched the DVD "A More Perfect Union" which is about the creation of the Constitution.  I pulled out the encyclopedia and read about some of the founders of our country.  I found online the Library of Congress website where we could read the original documents of our country.  You can personalize your experience with the website at the link following: 
Tonight we are getting together with friends and have a potluck dinner and a sundown there will be a fireworks display not far from our home that we can watch.  
The Fourth of July was different when I was young.  In the little town of 300 people that I grew up in, we had a parade on the morning of the Fourth of July followed by a program of patriotic music and readings and speeches about the freedom we enjoy.  Any one who wanted to be in the parade could be.  You could decorate a bike, a wagon, a car or truck and ride down the street.  One year when I was in high school, all the members of the junior high and high school bands joined together to play and march in the parade.  Even though we lived in a small town we had a lot of opportunity to be involved and contribute.  We could buy food for lunch.  Then there were races and games on the lawn at the school.  Softball games and a rodeo often rounded out the day.  
Remembering the founders of our country is an important part of celebration our nation's independence.  As I have searched for stories about my ancestors I have found accounts of how my ancestors were involved in America's history.  Reading the account of two ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and their perspective on the Battle of Bunker Hill was very interesting.  The history of America becomes more real and alive as I read about my ancestors involvement.  
Writing down your memories of Fourth of July celebrations is an important part of your personal history.  Writing about your ancestors involvement in the history of America is an important part of your family history.  

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