Friday, July 16, 2010

What Did You Do When It Rained?

Here is another question to help you write your story:

What did you do when it rained?

How rain affected your life probably depends a lot on where you live.  If you lived in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a lot, it would be different from living in the southwest desert where rain is rare and very welcome when it comes.  

If you grew up with a lot of rain, you probably learned to just deal with the rain.  You made sure you always had an umbrella and a raincoat when you went somewhere.  Some things that needed to be done outside you just went ahead and did it without waiting for the rain to stop.

If you grew up in an arid climate, you may have felt like rain was a time to celebrate and enjoy or you may have felt that it was an annoyance since you didn't have to deal with rain very often.  You may have wanted to take a walk in the rain or you may have preferred to stay inside until it stopped.

I have always loved the smell of rain.  Living in an arid area there are many times that it will look like rain and smell like rain, but it won't rain.  Sometimes you can even see the rain coming down from a cloud, but it will evaporate before it hits the ground.  It is a wonderful feeling when we actually get rain especially on a hot summer day.  When the rain is followed by a beautiful rainbow, it is especially delightful.

Of course rain can cause damage and can spoil plans.  I remember a summer rain that turned into a flash flood.  I had to stay in a store for a couple of hours because the parking lot had turned into a river of fast flowing water.  The workers in the store were frantically working to keep the water out of the store.  If there are thunderstorms, it is wise to change your plans for outdoor activities, for talking on the phone or for working on a computer.

When you think of times it has rained in your life, what do you remember?  Were any plans changed because of rain?  Did anything get damaged because of rain?  Did the rain cool things down on a hot summer day?  Was there a beautiful rainbow after the storm?  Write down your memories of rain and add to your story.

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