Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent Calendar--Christmas and School

I remember making paper chains out of red and green paper for Christmas.  I'm sure there were other crafts that we made at school.  I know we sang Christmas carols.  We weren't restricted to secular songs.  We sang religious carols too.  In junior high and high school I played a flute in the band.  We always did a Christmas concert with a wide selection of music.  I enjoyed playing Christmas music for almost an hour each day during November and December.  I'm not sure what my parents or grandparents did for Christmas in school, but I imagine they had Christmas music and made decorations too.
I've kept a lot of the Christmas decorations my daughters made.  Some of them are getting rather worn, but I hate to throw out the things they made.  Some still work well for decorating  The others will hopefully bring back good memories for them. 

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