Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Advent Calendar--Grab Bag

White elephant gifts are something I only learned about as an adult.  At first I thought it really needed to be a nice gift and it needed to be wrapped in nice wrapping paper.  I soon found out it shouldn't be expensive (it could even be a used item you wanted to get rid of) and it could be wrapped in newspaper or put in a plain bag.  It could be fun to offer a chance to trade before opening gifts.  You never know for sure what you are getting.
Sometimes when money isn't plentiful it can help to be creative.  Some people wrap a small gift in several boxes with each box wrapped and having to opened only to find another box that has to be opened.  Some people do a treasure hunt to find the gift.  Some have a riddle that has to be answered before opening the gift.  Maybe making a game out of gift giving can help to make up for not having spectacular gifts when money is in short supply. 

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