Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent Calendar--Fruitcake

My dad liked fruitcake and my mother would bake one each year for Christmas.  She never used alcohol in it, so it didn't stay good for long like some fruitcakes will.  Reading about the history of fruitcakes, I learned that fruitcakes came to Europe in the 1400's.  The fruits and nuts were more plentiful in the Middle East than in Europe.  That may have been why it came to associated with Christmas because of where the ingredients came from.  Fruitcakes kept well and were a satisfying luxury.  I like fruitcake although I don't usually make it since it's not a favorite treat in my family.  It would be interesting to know who of my ancestors liked and made fruitcake, but unfortunately I don't know that information. 

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