Monday, January 4, 2010

Fun Things

Here's another question to help write your family story.
What is the most fun thing you remember doing as a family?

I think the most fun things I remember doing were our family trips to Salt Lake City.  My parents didn't travel much as the responsibilities of the farm kept them close to home.  At times there were things they needed that weren't available in the area we lived in.  We would make trips to Salt Lake City, the largest city in our state.  It was about two hours away.  My parents always planned fun things to do on these trips.  We would go to temple square and go through the museum and visitor's center.  We would go to Hogle Zoo or the amusement park, Lagoon, or to visit Pioneer Village or This is the Place Monument.  One of my favorite things to do still is to go to museums or historical sites.

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