Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is Your Favorite Color

Here are two more questions to answer in writing your story.
What is your favorite color?  When did you realize it was your favorite color? 
I first remember deciding what my favorite color was when my sister and I had to choose the color our bedroom walls would be painted.  I've always loved the blue color of the sky on a clear summer or autumn day.  I also love the golden color of autumn leaves against the blue sky.  My late husband also felt blue was his favorite color.  I don't know what colors my parents liked.  My dad was color blind, so color wasn't as important in his life.  I have daughters who like amber, orange, green and red.  If you don't know the favorite colors of family members perhaps you can write down what colors of clothing you remember them wearing, what colors the walls of the house inside were and what color the outside of the house was.  Recording the colors may trigger other memories that you will want to write down.  

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