Friday, January 15, 2010

What were Sundays Like for You?

Here's another prompt for writing your life story.
Describe your Sundays as a child.
Sundays were always a day to go to church.  As a child I don't remember missing church except when I was sick.  The first Sunday I remember missing that wasn't because I was sick was the Sunday my mother died and we went to the hospital instead of to church that day.  My dad would get up and go to Priesthood Meeting at 9 o'clock Sunday morning.  When my brother turned twelve he went with my dad to Priesthood Meeting.  My dad would come back and pick up my mother, my sister and myself to go to Sunday School at 10:30 a.m.  Sunday School was divided for adults and for children.  There were opening exercises which included an opening hymn, prayer, a couple of two and a half minute talks and a Sacrament Gem which was usually a scripture.  I remember getting regular turns to say the prayer or give one of the talks or to memorize and recite the sacrament gem.  We partook of the Sacrament and then we separated into classes according to our ages.  A lesson was taught on gospel principles and scriptures.  We would be home from Sunday School by noon.  Growing up on the farm we had to take care of the animals even though it was Sunday, so we changed out of our Sunday best clothes and did the chores.  Cows were milked, eggs were gathered and the animals were fed.  Other work on the farm was saved for other days of the week. After chores were done and lunch was eaten we would talk about the speakers and what our lessons had been about.  My parents continued to teach what we had learned and they clarified anything that we didn't understand.  Sunday evenings at 7 o'clock after chores had been done and Sunday best clothes put back on, we went back to the church for Sacrament Meeting.  After an opening hymn and prayer we partook of the Sacrament.  Then there were speakers and musical numbers or a special program for holidays.  Once a month on the first Sunday we attended Fast and Testimony Meeting.  We fasted for two meals and paid the money that would have gone for the food for those two meals to the Fast Offering where the money could be used for those who didn't have sufficient to eat or meet their other needs.  Then we attended the Testimony Meeting where anyone who felt inspired to do so could bear their testimonies.  I always remember Sunday as being a special day and one that was different from the other days of the week.  Stores and gas stations weren't open on Sunday.  Other people treated Sunday as a special day too.  I miss that when I see so many people shopping, working in their yards, going to sporting events and treating Sunday as just another day.  To me it is still a special day.

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