Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mother's Role

Here's another question to help you write your story.
What was your mother's role in the home?
My mother's role in our home was to be a help and support to my father.  She was an equal partner with my dad in the family business.  She had different responsibilities than my dad, but they were just as important as my dad's responsibilities.  My mother prepared our meals, cleaned our home, sewed, washed, and ironed our clothes.  She cleaned the house, washed the dishes, kept the paperwork organized, did the bookkeeping and paid the bills.  At times she helped my father like with feeding the chickens, gathering the eggs or other tasks.  She canned and preserved fruits from the orchard and vegetables from the garden.  My mother also set an example.  She took us to church with her.  She taught classes at church and set the example of giving service.  She also felt family history was very important.  She collected names, dates, places and filled out many charts with family history.  My parents both set the example of caring for each other and supporting and helping each other.

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