Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year 2010

A new year to me means a chance to set new goals and try to improve my life.  This year I was looking at a jar of ideas for writing your story that I made several years ago.  I never followed through on taking out a slip and writing something about my story or my family's story.  So this year I have decided to pull out a slip every so often and write something to include in my story.  If you'd like to do the same then here is the first idea.

"What was your father's role in the home?"
My father was the main provider in the home, but my mother worked side by side with him on the farm.  My father made the final decisions but he always counseled with my mother.  Often the decisions he made were because of what she said and felt.  My father set an example of working hard.  He set an example of continuing to learn by reading and studying himself.  My father set an example by taking us to church with him, not sending us to church.  He set an example of serving by being the president of the Young Men's organization at our church for a few years.  My father set an example of being cheerful and friendly.  He was known as Smiley because he was always smiling.  My father taught us how to live by living that way himself.

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