Saturday, January 9, 2010

What Lessons Did You Take as a Child

Here is another question to help you write your story.
What lessons did you take as a child?  Do you still do any of the things you had lessons for?
I took lessons on the flute the summer before I started junior high school.  The music teacher from the junior high offered lessons so the students would know the basics when school started.  I continued with band through my years in junior high and high school.  As an adult occasionally I would pull out the flute especially if I wanted to know what the melody was like in a song.  When my oldest daughter got old enough to take band in school, I gave her my flute.  Each of my daughters chose to play the flute.

The summer I turned ten years old I learned to embroider from a teacher at church.  The summer I turned eleven years old I learned how to crochet from a teacher at church.  The summer I turned twelve years old I learned how to knit from a teacher at church. I have embroidered a few things as an adult.  I have crocheted several things.  I never really enjoyed knitting and always seem to drop stitches or add stitches so I haven't done much knitting.  I participated in cooking and sewing and wood working 4-H classes.  Of course cooking is a life long activity.  Sometimes I sew although usually it is now just to mend something.  Once in a while I will use some of what I learned in wood working.  


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